Ways to Organize Toys in Playrooms


Everybody who has children knows that cleaning up after play-time is the worst. Toys who fought courageously in a battle or toys who had an elegant tea-party are lying everywhere on the floor, being a real menace for feet brave enough to adventure in the kids’ room. There is a solution for all this mess. Made out of an unused bookcase or a regular drawer, the toy drawer shelves are a good way of mixing play with organizing. You simply put the figures or puppets your kids usually play with in drawers from which you only left the handle, taking out the front panel. Your child can now easily wage any toy-war or have any formal dinner-play in the colorful drawer. When he or she is done playing, they can simply close the mess back into the shelf and the room remains clean! If they want to use the whole space of the room instead, there are other ways of storing and depositing toys, just as simple as the drawer shelves. Take a look at these other examples.







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