Ways To Upcycle Logs And Tree Branches


Are your usual activities resulting into lots of `leftover` tree logs or branches? Never throw them away or burn them for a bonfire anymore! Instead, use the timber in impressive and creative ways. One such creative way is upcycling logs and tree branches into awesome pieces of furniture or decoration. It’s your lucky day, because we got a nice collection to show you! Choose one of the creative ideas featured in here. From a simple coat rack and lovely bed tree canopy to impressive custom pencil holder and comfortable lounge chair, you have plenty of options. It’s entirely up to you what you want to do, but either way, reusing branches and logs in any of the ways shown here, you’ll thank us for it!

1.This handrail is made from an oak log

upcycle-tree-branches-logs source

2. A wood clock project can be made from a cut section of a tree.

upcycle-tree-branches-logs-1 source

3. Make Your Own Rustic Log Bench


4. How-To Create a Natural Outdoor Pathway

upcycle-tree-branches-logs-9 more details here…


5. A cat tree

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