Wildlife Photographer Promotes Lion Conservation With Amazing Portraits

Simon Needham from Los Angeles is a wildlife photographer whose portraits capture the essence and personality of each animal, making them look truly majestic. His main goal is to raise awareness of endangered species and help the work of conservationists all over the world, by bringing animals closer to humans.
After a recent visit to Glen Gariff Conservation in South Africa, he returned with a series of amazing pictures, all featuring the lion population of the reserve. During his stay in South Africa, Needham was able to get very close to the lions and capture every detail of their fur, facial expressions, and lifestyle.
The photoshoot looks almost like a cover shoot for fashion magazines, as the lions seem to be in their element and give the impression of posing for the camera. One of the lions that stand out of the crowd is the white lion, a fur color that resulted because of a condition called leucism. White lions are native to South Africa, but unfortunately, they became the center of attention for many poachers and hunters.
That’s why it is very rare to encounter a white lion in the wild, as they are endangered species and have been relocated to animal sanctuaries.
Hopefully, Needham’s pictures will help raise awareness for this cause and can contibute to the neverending efforts of animal conservationists.

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