Wine Barrel Dog Bed


Wine barrels have so many hidden features as they can be a great supply for your next DIY project. When you think about a wine barrel you surely associate it with liquor, but if you look beyond that and transform them you will find a new use for these barrels. For instance, take a look at these images of reshaped wine barrels that now serve as pet beds. Such a cool idea and an easy one to put into practice too. If you think about it, all you need to do is to cut off the top of the barrel or turn it on their side and cut a hole in it. Then you can place a comfy pillow inside and the pet is ready to be used. After that you can decorate the side of the barrel any way you want or paint it in another color. Just make sure you cut off a significant part from the top and create a bed that is low enough for your pet to get inside. Take a look at all the pictures and create a comfy new bed for your pet, out of a wine barrel.






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