With These Glass Tiles Your Roof Can Generate Electricity


SolTech Energy, a Swedish company selling solutions for solar power, has developed a unique glass tile solar energy solution that is available as an electricity system. SolTech has solar energy solutions that are suitable for all types of property. Farmers, hotels, multi-occupancy dwellings, schools, hospitals, house and summer home owners are investing in solutions that are tailored for their particular properties. With this glass tile your roof can generate electricity. The roof tiles we lay are made from glass instead of concrete or brick. These tiles are designed to work as both a high quality and durable roof tile, and to allow in as much light as possible. Solar cells are fitted under the tiles, shielded to protect them against the effects of wind and weather. This gives you a solar energy installation that is fully integrated in the building. Attractive, sustainable and exceptionally intelligent. Really amazing…


SolTech-Power-2 SolTech-Power-3


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