Woman Builds Off-Grid Tiny House on Family Farm in New Zealand

In the heart of the beautiful landscapes of New Zealand, Kacey realized her dream of building a unique off-grid tiny house on her family’s traditional farm. With a vision to create a home that not only embraced the tranquillity of the farm but also reflected her family’s legacy, Kacey meticulously designed a compact dwelling that seamlessly blended with its surroundings. The tiny house, measuring 10x26x14 ft, stands as a testament to Kacey’s ingenuity and commitment to sustainable living. The exterior of the tiny house exudes a timeless charm, with an all-black façade and a wrap-around deck crafted from heavy timber.

The vintage aesthetics of the deck lend the entire home a rustic allure, connecting the modern structure with the rich history of the family farm. Two entrances allow for a fluid transition between the interior and the expansive beauty of the farm, making the tiny house an integral part of the natural landscape.
Off-the-grid living is a cornerstone of Kacey’s dream home, and she has harnessed the power of the sun to achieve this. Sixteen solar panels and two batteries form an impressive solar system that provides the tiny house with all the energy it needs.

Water needs are met through the farm’s supply, emphasizing the self-sufficiency ingrained in Kacey’s sustainable lifestyle. Inside, the well-designed interior boasts dark-accent walls, creating a cozy and intimate atmosphere. The living area features a captivating gallery wall adorned with vintage pictures and frames, showcasing a visual journey through family history. Colourful wallpaper adds vibrancy, creating a harmonious contrast with the dark tones of the walls. Kacey’s tiny house not only stands as a marvel of sustainable living but also as a living testament to the enduring connection between family and home.

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