Wonderful Apartment Designed in Colors, in Lisbon, Portugal


“As the sun colors flowers, so does art color life.” Ana Cordeiro, a real artist, designed a wonderful apartment in Lisbon, Portugal. She used pleasing combinations of colors to achieve a welcoming and cheerful interior. The ‘Julian’ Blue on White wallpaper from Thibaut was the starting point of Ana’s inspiration. Blue, the preferred colour of the apartment residents, was decided it would run throughout the rooms in different shades, with accents of green, yellow, orange and red. White cabinetry and furniture ensured that the overall effect remains modern. The bathroom’s green tile run floor to ceiling in a boldly way. Some toy zebras mounted on the white-blue wall are a delight in the child’s room. Because the entry of the apartment was quite small, Ana covered the walls in striped wallpaper and she chose a mirror for the wall at the far end of the hall, to create the illusion of a space going on forever.










Via : House of Fifty 

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