World’s Oldest Cat Is 31 And Still Has Many Lives Left

When the world’s oldest cat has his birthday, even the Internet goes crazy and reports it everywhere. Nutmeg is the oldest cat in the world, and he celebrated his 31st birthday, which is equal to 141 years in human years. The owners of Nutmeg are Liz and Ian Finlay and they welcomed the cat into their home for the first time in 1990. Nutmeg was a stray cat who regularly visited their housecat, Spice, and eventually moved in with the Finlays. When they first took the cat to the vet as he had an ugly abscess on his neck, Nutmeg was already 5 years old and not a kitten anymore.
To be registered as the world’s oldest cat by the Guinness Records, the owner has to provide a birth certificate for Nutmeg and that is quite tricky. And as with old age come lots of health issues, poor Nutmeg suffered a stroke before his 31st birthday, but he managed to recover just in time for the celebration. As 31 years to be alive is a long time for a house cat, the Finlays are wondering what Nutmeg’s secret might be.
According to them, the fact that he feels safe, welcomed, and the true owner of the house is definitely the key to his longevity.

The elderly tabby with his loving owners

Meanwhile Nutmeg is dead. Now the oldest cat alive is the Great Grandma Wad

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