You’ll never need a parking space again: Foldable Electric Scooter


We’re sure you’ve seen electric scooters on the road for some years now. But have you seen the fold out electric scooter? The non-polluting 2-wheeled vehicle which squeezes through the high road traffic is something we all would like to have at our disposal. Often, a choice for this kind of vehicle comes accounting for the amount of money spent daily on one. Checking off gas is surely a good thing, but the issue of where to store and ultimately park it still remains. Your company could offer a parking space, but a scooter could be more easily stolen than a car, due to its weight and smaller size. With the fold out scooter you can literally take the vehicle with you in the office! The mechanism that transforms it from a means of transportation to a trolley-like pack is fairly easy. The unique friendly design of the scooter also helps in this regard. Check out the full array of pictures provided to make an informed decision to buy one. The fold out electric scooter costs £2000, it can reach 28 miles per hour and has friendly colors models you can choose from.


Tamas Slezak, CEO of the Antro Group, who developed the scooter, believes that their product is definitely something for the future.
He said: ‘The Moveo is ultra light-weight and is the best additional vehicle to public transport. ‘You can travel eco-friendly in the easiest and quickest way, and our innovative product will suit commuters in big cities around the world.’



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