12 DIY Ideas For A More Organized Laundry Room


Doing laundries can be relaxing sometimes, but the right environment can contribute a lot to this feeling. Setting up your laundry room is not that much of work, especially if you use lots of recycled items. To organize your laundry room the best and nicest way, you can use a lot of recycled recipients and customize them a bit. To give you an example, you can use old mason jars to store your soap and fabric softener and add some cute labels to make them look like store-bought ones. Or if you tend to end up with lost socks after a laundry day, just craft a small lost socks board by using a wooden piece and some clothes pins. Pin the lost socks there until the next laundry day and who knows, maybe you’ll find the right match for them the next time. To learn more about creative ways of organizing your laundry room, visit the Daily Ideas webiste… from the link below.


Our Daily Ideas: 12 DIY Ideas For A More Organized Laundry Room

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