12 Summer Pallet Ideas You Can DIY This Weekend

The nice weather is here, and this means a lot of new projects for your garden. If you feel crafty this weekend, why not try an outdoor DIY project to prepare your garden for the summer hangouts. And of course, since all these ideas must be easy to make for everyone, you can use one of the DIY-enthusiasts favorite material: pallets.
Pallets are not only cheap supplies, but they are also resistant to any weather if properly coated in advance. One of the best ideas from the featured list is the outdoor pallet shower which can nicely complete a backyard that also has a pool.

If you want to take a quick shower before hopping into the water, building the structure of the outdoor shower using pallets, is a great idea. If you don’t want to build something big like a swing or any other type of furniture, you can simply use the pallets to create outdoor art or just some planter boxes.
The planter boxes come with another challenge, that of planting flowers and herbs into your garden, but this can be a project that will extend for a longer period or one that you can do together with your family.

A swing isn’t just the object in which children have a lot of fun. The next DIY project shows that adults can have a relaxing time on swings. Learn more HERE…


Build an outdoor shower.


A little playhouse for the kiddos. in the backyard. with some pallets. learn more HERE…

Who says boating has to be expensive? These clever folks built a pallet pontoon using blue 55-gallon drums as the floatation devices under the pallets. Learn more HERE…


DIY Pallets Garden .

Decorating your garden can be an expensive move, especially if you want to buy all the garden furniture from a store. But if you have some old pallets that you can recycle and are looking the make an awesome entertainment area in your garden, you are in the right place. Learn more HERE…

Build a pallet planter box for cascading flowers. What a gorgeous display to enjoy all spring and summer!

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