14+ Marvelous Things Shaped like a Guitar


Have you ever found yourself listening for hours on end to the luscious sound of a guitar playing in the background of reading your favorite book? If music is central to your personality, than it must also be central to the interior design of your home. The guitar-inspired staircase is a unique idea that is sure to evoke just that concept. Not to mention it will impress any visitor or new inhabitant for that matter. The guitar elements are highly visible both under the stairs themselves and on the wall, next to the railing. At the same time, having to climb up the strings and holding on to musical notes figuratively coming out off the wooden guitar will inspire you to listen or make even more music. The stairs are simple and made out of wood, with white-painted metal railings. The large guitar shape under the steps will allow for a visual illusion and an imaginary walk on top of strings. If that doesn’t inspire you daily to pursue a musical career, nothing can. Even if you weren’t looking for an improvement regarding the interior design of your home, be sure to have this one-of-a-kind beautiful guitar staircase in mind when you actually make that step.

1. Guitar Staircase



2. Guitar Sink (<< details)



3. Repurpose: Guitar Planter


4. Whisky glass holder




5. Music Themed Bedroom Ideas




6. Music Themed Bedroom Ideas




7. Music Bedroom Wall Art


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