14 Wood Pallet Fence Ideas Anyone Can Build

Pallet fences are very easy to make and it will help you save money, in comparison to fences made from other materials. Wood pallets can be found at any larger store and you can even buy used ones and upcycle them at home.
In case you already happen to have a few used pallets at home, don’t throw them away as they can be turned into a brand new fence in no time.
Of course, as every DIY project, this too comes with pros and cons. For instance, the advantages of a pallet fence are the reduced costs, their durability and the fact that you can recycle old materials. When it comes to the cons, there is an obvious problem regarding their aspect, as some might not like the rustic or rough appearance of pallets.
Also, if you need a tall fence, one that is made from pallets might not be the right choice for you. Now let’s see some cool fence ideas that you can make out of pallets.
Pallet fences are great for chicken yeards, as they are unpretentious and high enough to keep your chicks safe. You can build this by using 4×4 pots to support the pallets.

1. Pallet garden fence


2. Make a Pallet Fence that will cost you nothing


3. DIY Painted Pallet Fence


4.DIY Pallet Dog Fence Idea

5. Pallet Fence


6. Repurposed Pallets: DIY Pallet Fence


7. Flower-Dressed Pallet Fence


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  2. Mary Moon says:

    I like these ideas

  3. Larry MendenHaLL says:

    Nice ,1 man and I take ya advise and etc…

  4. Karen says:

    Great ideas, think I will try one

  5. Donnie says:

    The pallet fences are beautiful. Especially the ones with the tiny garden. It is a green, sustainable idea to repurpose used wood to make a fence. It comes cheap, and you get to remove clutter from your premise. It has given a whole new look to the entire house and the surrounding area.

  6. Sheera says:

    Where are the instructions on. How to build them?

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