15 PVC Projects for Your Homestead


PVC pipes aren’t just useful for plumbing, they are a good material for a lot of DIY projects. Besides the fact they are quite cheap, these particular type of pipes are easy to work with, light to move around and durable! So without any further a due, we like to present you a number of projects that will require PVC pipes and will in the end improve your homestead. Take a look at the watering grid or the tool holder, any of these projects will help you organize in a better way. The hand-held corn and bean planter, as well as the strawberry planter tower or tomato cages will do a lot for making gardening easy. There is a chicken feeder, chicken tractor or even a milking stand which you can try to make with PVC pipes. Browse through the projects and find your favorite one.

1. How To Grow 168 Plants In A 6 X 10 Space With A DIY A-Frame Hydroponic System

PVC-Projects-for-Your-Homestead-1 more details here…

2. DIY PVC Chicken Feeder

PVC-Projects-for-Your-Homestead-2 more details here…

3. The DIY garden tool storage idea that will save your sanity


more details here…

4. Hand-Held Corn & Bean Planter

PVC-Projects-for-Your-Homestead-4 more details here…

5. How To Easily Build a Gravity-Based PVC Aquaponic Garden

PVC-Projects-for-Your-Homestead-5 more details here…

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  1. cELlery says:

    the watering pipe should be capped at the bottom, to avoid dirt working its way back up as you insert next to plants. Also good for trees, and for adding liquid fertilizers.

  2. Adam says:

    Ado, not “a due”

  3. 3QAyuXKGBnBKK says:

    269753 8561Oh my goodness! an remarkable post dude. Thank you Even so My business is experiencing dilemma with ur rss . Don

  4. Bill Mabey says:

    It’s nice to see my A-frame still inspiring DIY’ers

  5. john says:

    Adam, go teach in a classroom, not here !

  6. Nikki says:

    That was bothering me, too!!!

  7. Jo gardener says:

    Is it just me but, how do you see the other 8 projects?? Without clicking on the annoying other links not related…

  8. Zeo says:

    …I think you mean adieu, French for goodbye

  9. Gordon says:

    Don’t you mean 15 ways to slowly but surely poison yourself and family?

  10. Rick says:

    Thanks – just moved to a condo and don’t have a lot of room for a garden – this will be perfect

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