160 Sq Ft Shipping Container House





shipping-container-house-9 shipping-container-house


Designed by CUBICA

5 Responses to “160 Sq Ft Shipping Container House”

  1. Lill Madland says:


  2. Ed says:

    Pfffft. Where do chairs for the table get stored? No seating during the daytime – chair couch – or SOMETHING! The top deck could be dangerous for not only kids but an adult who had too much to drink – easy to do a header over the railing. Looks like there may be only one small cabinet – for possibly 4 people?

  3. Butch Clinkscales says:

    What were the costs?

  4. Vijay Sharma says:

    Details & cost of shipping container house

  5. Marcia Lawrie says:

    I’m interested in owning something like this.

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