160 Sq Ft Shipping Container House


Shipping containers used as main building material for a house isn’t a new thing, but this one example has surpassed all previous projects of this kind. The people behind this house are from Costa Rica and with the work they’ve done they prove packing a great home into something banal like a shipping container can be done with style. The choice of material has resulted in plenty of space both inside and on top. The rooftop terrace which is decked out in wood is the perfect place for holding a party or dinner. The interior has a warm feeling to it and comes with all features of a : bathroom with shower, small fridge, microwave, stove, AC unit. There are even lots of cabinet space along with LED lighting. The kitchen has a folding dinner table for 4 persons and a bed hidden in the wall. Don’t worry though there are 2 more beds with their own window. Explore the home via the photos.





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  1. Lill Madland says:


  2. Ed says:

    Pfffft. Where do chairs for the table get stored? No seating during the daytime – chair couch – or SOMETHING! The top deck could be dangerous for not only kids but an adult who had too much to drink – easy to do a header over the railing. Looks like there may be only one small cabinet – for possibly 4 people?

  3. Butch Clinkscales says:

    What were the costs?

  4. Vijay Sharma says:

    Details & cost of shipping container house

  5. Marcia Lawrie says:

    I’m interested in owning something like this.

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