20+ great Herb Garden Ideas

6. Mason jar herb garden

herb-garden-ideas-1 source

7.How To Make A Terra-Cotta Herb Tower

herb-garden-ideas-2 source


8. A planter and some pots into an amazing herb garden.


9. How To Build A Herb Spiral

herb-garden-ideas-4 source


10. Make a hanging herb garden




8 Responses to “20+ great Herb Garden Ideas”

  1. Linda Overbay says:

    Love your work. Grow herbs and always looking for ways to display them.

  2. jolly says:

    Nice garden.. I love this very much

  3. jolly says:

    How can growing indoor plants Please show me some indoor plants.

  4. Rachel says:

    On the herb gardens, r i suppose to have holes on da bottom of da plant or keep them soaking

  5. julienne says:

    Love new ideas for gardening I’m all about diy projects and simple plans .thanks for sharing your ideas .

  6. Cherie says:

    Very interesting

  7. Sónia Neves says:

    Very Nice. I like very much

  8. Prasad Julee says:

    Nice to have one in my home

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