This $480K Prefab Luxury Cabin Slides Apart to Reveal a Glass Enclosed Room

The ANNA Stay 2.0 redefines the traditional concept of a cabin in the woods, offering an extraordinary design that seamlessly integrates with the surrounding environment. Building upon the success of the original ANNA Stay, creator Caspar Schols introduces the ANNA Stay 2.0, retaining the innovative sliding walls but incorporating enhancements such as a sunken bathtub and a bed. The cabin serves as a versatile retreat, allowing owners to manually slide the wooden walls apart for a direct connection with nature. Alternatively, it can create a sheltered yet open space with a glass roof and walls or form a glazed enclosure, reminiscent of a greenhouse. Designer Caspar Schols explained that the insulated wooden shell keeps warmth inside during winter, while the glass features ensure a comfortable space that welcomes sunlight in spring or fall.

The adaptable design enables occupants to regulate temperature by sliding and closing the wooden layer or opening the glass layer to invite a refreshing breeze. Measuring up to a maximum length of 13 meters (42 feet), the ANNA Stay 2.0 boasts a spacious interior, featuring a large open room suitable for various activities, from exercise to entertaining guests. The bed and bathtub are cleverly stowed beneath the floor, offering a flexible layout that optimizes space. The cabin also includes a kitchenette, a standard bathroom with shower, sink, and toilet, as well as a wood-burning stove for warmth. A mezzanine loft sleeping area, accessible by ladder, adds a charming tiny house-style element to the overall design. While it operates with a grid-based hook up as standard, the ANNA Stay 2.0 offers off-grid options in the Netherlands, with prices starting at $480,000. Notably, the project received recognition with the World Hotel Building of the Year award at the 2022 World Architecture Festival, further affirming its innovative and award-winning status. Moreover, Schols has plans to introduce a business-focused model called the ANNA Meet in 2024.

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