Meet The Wall-Mounted Modular Organizing System That’s Even More Flexible Than IKEA’s Pegboards

Wallwerx emerges as a revolutionary solution in the realm of modular organizing systems, surpassing even IKEA’s famed pegboards in flexibility and adaptability. Inspired by the simplicity of hundreds of hooks proposed in a Seinfeld episode, Wallwerx takes the concept to new heights. While pegboards initially gained popularity in workshops for tool organization, Wallwerx expands its […]

Modular Pet-Friendly Sofa That Is a Playground For Your Cats & a Cozy Couch Fof You

Modular cat furniture, exemplified by designs like the Quarter Sofa from SUNRIU Design, embodies a versatile and innovative approach to both human and feline comfort. This unique furniture piece seamlessly blends aesthetic appeal, functionality, and pet-friendly features. Constructed with a mix of wood and fabric, the Quarter Sofa stands out with its modular design, featuring […]

Norman Foster and Holcim Develop Modular Housing Unit for Displaced Communities

The collaboration between Norman Foster and Holcim in the development of the Essential Homes Project represents a significant stride towards addressing the urgent need for sustainable and efficient housing solutions for displaced communities. Unveiled at the 2023 Architecture Biennale in Venice, the modular housing concept aims to enhance the living conditions of the approximately 103 […]

These Modular, Net-Zero Scandinavian Homes With Prices Starting $186,100 Can Be Installed Almost Anywhere

Canadian startup Cabn, founded in 2021 by sustainability entrepreneur Jackson Wyatt, is making waves with its innovative approach to eco-friendly housing. Specializing in modular net-zero homes with a distinctive Scandinavian flair, Cabn offers a range of options starting at an affordable $186,100 for a one-bedroom unit. The company has garnered significant interest, boasting a waitlist […]

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