These Modular, Net-Zero Scandinavian Homes With Prices Starting $186,100 Can Be Installed Almost Anywhere

Canadian startup Cabn, founded in 2021 by sustainability entrepreneur Jackson Wyatt, is making waves with its innovative approach to eco-friendly housing. Specializing in modular net-zero homes with a distinctive Scandinavian flair, Cabn offers a range of options starting at an affordable $186,100 for a one-bedroom unit. The company has garnered significant interest, boasting a waitlist of 600 potential homebuyers eager to embrace sustainable living. Cabn’s unique design and construction process allows for easy transportation of homes in panels via standard trucking loads, eliminating the need for wide-load permits. The assembly process is swift, and the homes utilize helical piles, allowing them to be erected in diverse locations, emphasizing the company’s commitment to flexibility and accessibility.

The thoughtfully engineered Cabn homes go beyond conventional building methods, incorporating advanced features to achieve a net-zero environmental impact. From the angles of the windows to the design of the roof providing optimal shade and high-tech insulation, each element contributes to the overall sustainability of the homes. The innovative use of helical piles ensures adaptability, enabling Cabn homes to be placed in various environments. As part of its ambitious plans, Cabn intends to establish a 67-unit community in Ontario, reflecting the growing demand for environmentally conscious living spaces.

Looking ahead to 2024, Cabn aims to offer four models with bedrooms, with prices ranging from $186,100 to $470,400. The Mor.ii, a one-bedroom unit spanning 540 square feet, exemplifies affordability at the lower end of the spectrum. On the other hand, the Son.der, a 750-square-foot model available with one or two bedrooms, showcases Cabn’s commitment to providing diverse options for potential homeowners seeking sustainable and adaptable living spaces. Check out the company’s entire catalogue for more options and details.

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