Meet The Wall-Mounted Modular Organizing System That’s Even More Flexible Than IKEA’s Pegboards

Wallwerx emerges as a revolutionary solution in the realm of modular organizing systems, surpassing even IKEA’s famed pegboards in flexibility and adaptability. Inspired by the simplicity of hundreds of hooks proposed in a Seinfeld episode, Wallwerx takes the concept to new heights. While pegboards initially gained popularity in workshops for tool organization, Wallwerx expands its utility to virtually any space in the home. Designed by DIY enthusiast Mark Zalme, frustrated by the limitations of traditional pegboards, Wallwerx offers a versatile array of attachments that can be mounted directly onto walls or standard pegboards, providing seamless integration into any environment.

The brilliance of Wallwerx lies in its simplicity and versatility. Its modular design, comprising a baseplate and a variety of attachments, allows for effortless customization to meet the diverse needs of users. Whether in the kitchen, garage, closet, or study, Wallwerx offers an unparalleled level of organization. From hooks for hanging items to clips for securing jars of various sizes, Wallwerx provides solutions for storage challenges across different settings. Made from high-strength plastic and manufactured in the US, Wallwerx ensures durability and reliability, even in demanding environments like workshops. With kits tailored for specific purposes, such as the Home Kit for workbenches or the Werxshop Kit for comprehensive garage organization, Wallwerx offers a solution for every organizational need, empowering users to transform any vertical surface into a functional storage area effortlessly. It can be purchased via Kickstarter for $69.

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