A Knife Made From An Old Wrench


Turning an unused household object into a fine tuned tool is not new. Even though you might be tempted to believe reusing stuff is a modern trend, people have been resorting to this technique for many ages. But you can still support the method of reshaping metal in an interesting modern way. The next video provided by Trollsky will show exactly how to turn a wrench into a knife. Yes, you read correctly! The man behind this DIY project grinds away an old unused wrench, actually only a part of it, until he has a rough blade. Afterwards, he puts it in a pinecone and charcoal fire. So the heating process begins and you should stop it only when the metal gets super hot. Then shape the new knife, just like in the old days. Watch more in the video provided before you replicate this DIY idea at home.



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  1. Kris says:

    Wear can I buy this knife

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