A Refrigerator that Runs Without Electricity


Go Energyless’ first product is a natural low cost cooler producing a sustainable evaporative process that can save food for over 13 days. Leaving your food on the counter for a few days won’t do you any good. We are used to placing our food in the fridge in order to preserve it, but as crazy as it sounds, there is a way of keeping your food without a fridge for more than 13 days. This next product is a cheap and natural cooler that will help you save your food without using a fridge. This is a really cool idea for those who want to go off the grid and it was developed by a Moroccan company called Go Energyless. Don’t forget to share this cool idea with your friends too as they will surely be happy to save a little money by using a natural, energyless cooler.


Refrigerator without electricity … a 100% Moroccan innovation

refrigerator-that-runs-without-electricity-2 source: GO Energyless

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  1. Mary says:

    Hello, how can i get your fridge?

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