African-Style Canvas House Tent


If you want to try an African-style safari, but seems a bit too expensive for your pocket or you simply don’t have that much of a time to travel, we’ve found a cool alternative for you. 8 beautiful, African-style canvas tents are located in Cresto, Colorado and the place is called Cresto Ranch. All of the tents have an astonishing view, to compensate for the lack of wild animals that you may found while in a safari. The interior was inspired by highly rated African-safari residences and were designed by the company named, Reliable Tent and Tipi. The African-style cabins can be booked only in the summer and while there you can choose between a wide range of activities, such as horseback riding, hiking or yoga. The amazing interiors are all furnished with a king size bed and the canvas used in the decoration makes this a truly authentic African-style safari tent. Take a look…





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Christys-Tent-08 source and more info on Christy’s Tent Facebook Page

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