Sustainable Off Grid Living In A Safari Tent


Do you love going into the middle of nature for longer than a short weekend? If you’re among those who enjoy going to the mountain or the forest for adventures, not just relaxation, then the Barebones Safari Tent (<- available here) is an item you would definitely take with you in your next trip into the wilderness. With 120 square feet of space, room for 8 people and walking upright height, the tent will make it perfect for planning adventures for the next day. The truly amazing thing about the tent is that it can be installed into almost any surface, dirt, wood, or concrete. This is thanks to the lightweight aluminum and nylon frame. The weather resistant fabric as well as the heavy duty floor makes your nights spent in there much cozier and safe. Don’t worry though; it isn’t one solid block of material, as the 2 entrances as well as screened windows are proof for that. The rope and stakes included in the pack alongside the built-in ports for heat, power, and water lines make it a perfect product in our opinion. Definitely check it out!



Dimensions & Specifications

  • Capacity: 8 Person
  • Dimensions: 10.5W x 12D x 9H ft.
  • Features: Water/UV Resistant Frame
  • Material: Aluminum/Nylon
  • Square Feet: 120






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