Sustainable Off Grid Living In A Safari Tent


Do you love going into the middle of nature for longer than a short weekend? If you’re among those who enjoy going to the mountain or the forest for adventures, not just relaxation, then the Barebones Safari Tent (<- available here) is an item you would definitely take with you in your next trip into the wilderness. With 120 square feet of space, room for 8 people and walking upright height, the tent will make it perfect for planning adventures for the next day. The truly amazing thing about the tent is that it can be installed into almost any surface, dirt, wood, or concrete. This is thanks to the lightweight aluminum and nylon frame. The weather resistant fabric as well as the heavy duty floor makes your nights spent in there much cozier and safe. Don’t worry though; it isn’t one solid block of material, as the 2 entrances as well as screened windows are proof for that. The rope and stakes included in the pack alongside the built-in ports for heat, power, and water lines make it a perfect product in our opinion. Definitely check it out!



Dimensions & Specifications

  • Capacity: 8 Person
  • Dimensions: 10.5W x 12D x 9H ft.
  • Features: Water/UV Resistant Frame
  • Material: Aluminum/Nylon
  • Square Feet: 120





31 Responses to “Sustainable Off Grid Living In A Safari Tent”

  1. Robby Denney II says:

    I d like to know how much does it cost for Safari Tent? Just out of curiosity! Thanks

  2. Randy says:

    2grand doesnt seem very inexpensive to me…comepared to what a real house ..this is still a tent…

  3. Jon Lawhead says:

    If weight isn’t as much of an issue, the Costco carport (and many similar polyethylene garages) has precisely the same configuration for about $200.

  4. marie says:

    It’s 1999.99 on amazon

  5. Adam says:

    Why not just buy a used camper??

  6. Safari Steve says:

    For that price a canvas tent is a better buy. Better for cold weather and more durable than nylon.

  7. Danielle says:

    A used camper? On the Big Island?

  8. Danielle says:

    and exactly WHERE is one to put it?????

  9. Laura says:

    While it is a great idea, I think that its weight can pose a serious problem, especially when there is a really bad weather. Another problem is the bathroom, which is missing. I remember that you posted a plastic house that had all the proprieties needed, and it could not be much heavier than this tent with the bed inside of it. As people say, its price of 2k is not bad, but honestly, would you really buy something like this? Once more, I would rather spend my money on a shipping container and remodel it by myself than to just stay in a tent.

  10. Phoenix says:

    Did any of you actually bother to look at it on Amazon? It’s not $2000. It is $249.95, pay attention.

  11. ron says:

    If st*” hits the fan a container and even camper may not be movable enuf.if you say its not livable u were never an Indian or prolly won’t live long trying to be self relient.its a shame that people can’t live as we did 100 years ago..we have went backwards and won’t notice until the grid is gone…

    • Michelle says:

      enuf? Prolly?

      Yes, you are right we have gone backwards…backwards in terms of general education. With all due respect, correct spelling matters.

  12. Michael says:

    Washing hands in a camping/survival situation is very important. I provide sink that is effective and conserves water. See the video at my website,

  13. Kathleen says:

    You dont need to spend big $ on a sink just use an old baby bath simple.

  14. Zsolt Pogany says:

    249.00$ is just for the awning

  15. Barbara Vincent says:

    I wish I had 100,000 of them………
    All 100,000 to go to Nepal. : (
    Actually, any number I could get would be ok too.

  16. Sue says:

    Michelle what a pleasant comment…Not!! Abbreviations in a post is pretty common. So if you need an interpreter enuf=enough prolly= probably . You making fun of grammar in a post is ridiculous. Put you red correction pen away and welcome to the future. Geezus this is the longest friggen post I’ve written…Michelle doesn’t like Abbreviations

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