Amazing Sand Sculpture by Andoni Bastorrika

Sand art is one of the most intricate forms of art as you have to master working with such a volatile material. Artists who work with sand, create amazing sculptures that from a distance might even seem real if they are life-sized.

Andoni Bastarrika uses sand to express his artistic vision and took it to a whole new level. His creations feature bulls, sharks, and other creatures and they look very impressive at a closer look.
Bastarrika first began working with sand in 2010 while being on a beach with his girls and playing with them. He first created a simple mermaid shaped sand sculpture and discovered that he had a real talent for this peculiar craft.
He says that working with sand has been an on-going learning journey, as he always discovers new ways in which it can be shaped and modeled.
By looking at his creations, one will instantly notice the innate talent and dedication with which he works.
According to Bastarrika, some of his works can take even 2 days to be completed, for instance, the elephant sculpture which is one of his more complex works.
Who knew that sand can be sculpted into so many different forms and not just into plain sandcastles.

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17 Responses to “Amazing Sand Sculpture by Andoni Bastorrika”

  1. Mike Cardarelli says:

    You are a modern Michaelangelo.

  2. Marlou Watson says:

    The sand sculptures are beyond beautiful! Loved them all.

  3. Rebecca J says:

    Stunningly Beautiful!
    Very Talented 💖

  4. Cynthia Neu McCluskey says:

    They look so real people could be scared! Especially the octopus and other sea creatures. Awesome art work. True masterpieces. Where does Andoni live? Where are these beach sculptures seen? Is he by real profession a sculpture? More inside info please!

  5. Lj says:

    Bet these have startled more than one person on the beach.

  6. Alicia says:

    Awesome. Where can I see your work?

  7. Miriam M Grafe says:

    All of your sculptures are amazing. Where do you do them?

  8. Mike MacDonald says:

    Andoni, I’m entranced by your work, I seldom look closely at backgrounds when it comes to art forms, but, then I looked at the beach behind the Bull and it looks like Seaton near Downderry Cornwall, am I right, if so I was 3 when I left there and moved to Tasmania.

    There was a boat hire there and you could hire a WW2 Aircraft Drop Tank made into a canoe for the little river 🙂

    I don’t believe I’m that lucky but it’s worth me asking ?!
    Best Wishes

  9. Deborah Jason says:

    Mr. Bastorrika! Oh My Goodness! These creations of yours are the most magnificent works of art I have ever seen–and sculpted from sand(?!)– Absolutely unbelievable. You have an amazing talent. I hope these gorgeous pieces can be preserved somehow for many more people to see and enjoy!

  10. Bob says:

    Love the sand sculptures by Andoni Bastorrika……
    What Country?
    What Beach?
    In the USA?
    No knowledge of his location!

  11. Gloria y Quinones says:

    They are breathtaking! Beautiful!

  12. Andre says:

    Incredible, amazing….

  13. Ahna says:

    Truly a master of his craft. His work is stunning and they look real. Well done!

  14. Patti Hall says:

    Have you ever been to the OREGON COAST LINE? The entire coast line is incredible. Even when its cold , rainy or foggy, which is often!

  15. Terry says:

    This is what I call art. Beautiful 😍

  16. Ann Nemeth says:

    Wow how impressive and such Beautiful Art Forms!

  17. Lori Bishop says:

    Having spent th vast majority of my summers at a beach, beginning with several cottages on Lake Michigan, moving to Florida on the beach, then moving away from beaches, but at least returning for a week or two each summer. I have played with all kinds of sand. I look at your work and am amazed. How do you get the colors? I am truly in awe of your talent!!!!

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