Amazing Sculptures Out of Old Farm Tools

“Black Hawk”


“These horses were bred for a combination of traits: tall stature, muscular build, upright shoulders and strong hindquarters for pulling strength, and docile temperament.  They were smart, loyal animals that worked fields, hauled hay, pulled tree stumps, and took people to town for flour, sugar, or beans.   If you had a horse like this near The Grand, you were considered wealthy.” The piece is intended both as an homage to these tireless beasts of burden, and an artistic expression of the history of agriculture. This work horse sculpture now sits at the entrance to a farmer’s market in Kensington, New Hampshire.





“Iron Man”

Amazing-Sculptures-Out-of-Old-Farm-Tools-12 Highway 212, Faith

“Flying High”


2 Responses to “Amazing Sculptures Out of Old Farm Tools”

  1. Dr Barbie J Taylor says:

    These are fantastic sculptures. Where exactly are you located, and is there a specific gallery? What is the price range?

  2. Heather Lannin says:

    Massive thumbs up for all your ace art work from me at a very small project called “Trash and Treasure Artworks” but I’m hoping it will gather good momentum. You can find it on Facebook but I don’t have a website yet.
    I love your creative recycling enterprise and wish you every success always.

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