Artist Uses a Chainsaw to Carve a Fantastical Dragon Bench

At first hearing, the name „chainsaw art” might sound a bit peculiar to those unfamiliar with the term. But chainsaw art requires the mastering of a heavy tool and becoming one with it so that the carved wood can result in something delicate.

Estonian artist, Igor Loskutow, is an award-winning chainsaw art master who has carved some of the most amazing works of wood art. He is currently based in Germany and is a member of the Husqvarna chainsaw sculpture team, traveling all over Europe and presenting their skills to the world.
One of the outstanding works of Loskutow features a dragon bench which was carved with great attention to every tiny detail. The bench is formed by the dragon’s body and ends in his head and his curling tail on the other end.
The wings of the animal are wrapped around the bench and create the back of it, almost embracing those who take a seat.
Dragons are one of Loskutow’s favorite motives, and he made another dragon bench back in 2017 using red-tinged wood. You can see more of his incredible work showcased below and make sure to also visit his website for more details.

Igor Loskutow is an incredible chainsaw artist who uses the heavy duty tool to create fantastical sculptures like this clever dragon bench.

Igor Loskutow: Website (via

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