Awesome Ideas For a Small Garden Display

Improve the decor in your garden with a simple and easy DIY project. You see in the magazines and across the internet that people often go to great lengths (financially and otherwise) to change the interior design for the better. But actually, all they need to do is pay attention to the little things and create stylish pieces of decorations. This DIY Wheelbarrow Miniature Garden is the perfect example of that. And the great thing is you can use the things already found in your yard, like an old wheelbarrow. Don’t worry, the rust holes will prove very useful as drainage holes.

5 Responses to “Awesome Ideas For a Small Garden Display”

  1. Carol Reed says:

    I love the beautiful arrangements in the containers. As they grow larger how long does the arrangement keep it’s design? Also, for my indoor succulents what is the least amount of depth I can use? I have a large amount of succulents now that are doing quite well but see others I would like to use but need smaller containers. What are some good Small succulents to use? Thanks!

  2. Beverly Wiley says:

    Very interesting

  3. TanyiaLee says:

    Definitely inspiring… Very creative, especially with the succulents

  4. Heidi TAYLOR says:

    Love it

  5. Christine says:

    Gorgeous ideas!

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