Bathroom Storage Ideas: Space Saver


The interior design of any room in your home should mould onto your needs and desires, not the other way around. With this in mind, feel encouraged to change every piece of decoration and furniture. Create an ambiance of your liking by placing a rustic ladder to use as towel hold in the bathroom. Or make a creative row of mason jars to use as storage units. And if you like the feeling of space we recommend a mirror door on a medium to large cabinet in the wall. First, you have the benefit of much space in the room because all of your bathroom stuff will be safely stored into the wall. Sure, this is no excuse for being messy, so remember to tidy up the shelves. Second, the large mirror door will create the feeling of extra space in the room. Be careful not to scare yourself at nights, though. This simple and yet handy mirror door cabinet is something you would like to have in your bathroom. Not to mention that it improves the interior design a whole lot. Make your home feel friendlier and suited to your desires. That’s the smart way! Another amazing project you can find in the link below…

How to Make: Mirror Storage Case

4 Responses to “Bathroom Storage Ideas: Space Saver”

  1. Albina Sandefur says:

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  2. Mark says:

    This is a fantastic! Love the Mirror storage case and what a great idea it is for a small space. Functional, practical and expanding the depth of the room itself. Thanks for the post, Mark.

  3. Urban Accents says:

    That mirror storage case is a great idea!!

  4. Emily says:

    Thank you, I’ve been looking around for storage ideas as I have a tiny Unit with minimal space. This is great for all those bathroom necessities.

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