Beautiful Pet Tree House

From a custom home builder of million dollar homes and a wife with a passion for animals – to master crafters of feline habitats. Joe and Shelley designed their first Pet Tree House for their own cats in 2008. The premise was twofold: to create an aesthetically pleasing feline tree house and a tree that the cats would actually use and would be a realistic outdoor experience for them making them feel more at home in their natural environment. Joe and Shelley have spent years perfecting the engineering of the tree house and continue to strive to exceed their customersโ€™ expectations.
Pets are considered by most of us as part of our family. There is no right age to have a pet an the fact that only kids and our elderly have pets is actually a myth. A Pet Tree House is a unique hand crafted natural pet habitat that lets cats, dogs and other small animals indulge their primeval jungle instincts. Every home is designed and built to provide years of enjoyment for your dearest pets.

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  • Ridiculous…do the makers of this product know we are still in a recession? This cost less than $100 to build but cost $700-$1300…Another example of profit hungry people ruining our countries economics…Just plain greedy…

  • One always has the option to buy or not buy. Why shouldn’t someone in business charge for their time, talent and expertise? And why is it that people think making a profit (for a living) is so wrong?

  • Jennifer on said:

    Profit hungry people are the ones pricing food, water, and gasoline at prices too high for people to pay. These are cat houses, if you don’t have the funds to buy it, there will be no negative impact on your life. Try making one yourself… and when you are done buying all the materials, tools, hardware, and sink hours of your time into it… you can sell it for whatever you like. God bless America!

  • Alessia on said:

    Cool! I LoVe them!
    P.S Congratulation for the blog is really amazing and you’re recollect the best images and ideas design!

  • I call B.S. on the million dollar home builder! I have built cat condo’s and tree houses for many years and would never charge this much! This is why the economy is doing so sh**y, people like this try to play off they were something to charge an arm and leg for something not worth half. I can build these 5 times better for half the price and still make a good living and sleep with a good at night knowing I dont rip people off. The website is full of B.S. also, I could make a list, come on 1,000 cuts! LOL I guess they count all the mistake cuts they make also, but from a 25 plus year licensed contractor/builder I call B.S. on you!

    • I have seen these before and I completely agree James.

      These cat trees are kinda cool but IMO, they lack ANY practical style or sophistication for the outrageous prices these people charge. Insulting even.

      I don’t have much building experience myself but if I wanted to make one of these I’m pretty sure I can easily find all the materials needed, and with a little advice from friends who DO build, I’d TOTALLY get at it! Besides, I’d feel a HELLUVA lot better with my contraption (regardless the end result! LOL!) than if I *purchased* something like this.

      In all fairness, I applaud them for marketing their idea but seriously Mr. & Mrs., be a little more realistic.

  • Donald W on said:

    While these cat tree are nice it has been proven that cat tree with or without leaves do not make them any more likable by your cat. There are many great cat trees out there for much less that are just as effective if not more and the point it your cat will love them.

  • these are wonderful innovative ideas ๐Ÿ˜€ and so easy to craft.. it was a great family project for us and rather run =D we went to our hardware stores and bought up most of the scrap wood they have. most the time they piratically gave it away ๐Ÿ˜€ recycle reuse ๐Ÿ˜€ mine cost me under 150. ๐Ÿ˜€

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