Beautiful Rustic Pieces of Furniture for the House or Garden


I found a passion for building timberframe structures to Duncan Dodds (local carpenter/joiner) and Tim Atkins (experienced chainsaw carving artist) from Artisan Structures, that are based in the Newmarket area in Suffolk. Their other passion is creating beautiful rustic pieces of furniture for the house or garden, using a wide range of hardwoods, letting the beauty of the wood come through. They can work from sketched ideas or CAD designs from an architect. They enjoy discussing with the customer what they are trying to achieve and coming up with ideas with them to make the perfect piece of furniture or structure. Here you can admire some of their works … How does it look?





14 Responses to “Beautiful Rustic Pieces of Furniture for the House or Garden”

  1. ZaneRutledge says:

    All rustic pieces are amazing. It makes look of garder really awesome.Thanks for share.

  2. Home Furniture says:

    This is called art work on furniture. Love it.

  3. Dia says:

    These kinds of special parts, love the mirror for any bathroom! And…that conference sofa is ridiculous amazing!

  4. Jennifer says:

    If one would like to purchase a log bench, how would we go about doing this?

  5. Paula says:

    This is their website

  6. Nyle says:

    I love your work. May I ask how you treat then to keep then from rotting or being eaten by insects?

  7. Iron Horse Sawmill says:

    The only sawmill on the beach in SE Texas. Love the creative work.

  8. swala says:

    This is really sweet! Keep up the good work

  9. Angela says:

    All you need is far to make it constable I would to have this in a big as cabin like house

  10. Michele says:

    What did you seal it with?

  11. Gwen says:

    They are all amazing but I am in LOVE with the kitchen table and the porch. Absolutely love them both!

  12. Hennie Bokhove says:

    It all is really beautiful made. A fantastic designer. If I had a large garden I would love to have one of these furniture.

  13. anto says:

    this cool… amazing. great idea.

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