Building a Permanent Chicken Coop


Building a permanent chicken coop shouldn’t be the hassle that usually comes with raising a home or a holiday cabin. That’s because the requirements, even if there are some, don’t compare to the standards people have. One second thing is that the hen house might be a barrier for lots of people who consider going into the chicken business, meaning many assume it costs much to spend for such a DIY project. Fortunately, it shouldn’t be the case. The truth is you could transform an existing structure you already have in the yard instead of building one entirely from scratch. Remember that the two main purposes of the coop are to protect chickens from any predator and supply them with proper ventilation. Find items, like the framing, windows, or screen door from existing pieces in your yard or your local scrapyard. Read through the basic overview tutorial provided here and find out about what size you should build, flooring, nesting boxes, windows (ventilation), perch/roosts, door & latches, feed & watering stations and last, but not least, insulation respectively heaters (see more details in the link below ). Good luck on the DIY work!


Building a Permanent Chicken Coop – Lovely Greens (

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