Cabin and House Plans by David Wright


We have selected these 8 popular and award winning house and cabin plans designed by David Wright. These plans have been built and proven to be efficient, functional and comfortable. The designers have received words of thanks from owners who have had us design them and the contractors who have built them. Take a look at these plans…. Don’t miss a thing! Make sure you like Home Design on Facebook.

1. High Sierra Cabin — 1,018 S.F. — 37′ x 20′

A dramatic 2 bedrooms/ 1/3/4 bath traditionally styled mountain cabin designed for all the seasons. Published in Sunset Magazine in August 2006, and selected for a special award in 2005 the Tahoe Quarterly Awards issue. (Off-grid solar electric, passive solar heating and cooling, solar water heating, SIP construction, fire and vandal proof, loft, and wrap around porch).


2. Ultimate Sunset Cabin — 415 S.F. — 20′ x 21′

“The Ultimate Sunset Cabin” a small efficiency studio vacation cabin with a loft and wrap around porch.


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  1. Jeff says:

    These are not plans, they are just a couple pictures. Where do I find the plans?

  2. Julie Burton says:

    Would you please mail me pamphlet on your cabins to 277 CR 4700 Dayton TX 77535 include prices

  3. George Beown says:

    Would like to have more info on the plans.

  4. Jackie Ordiway says:

    Would you send me Information for High Sierra Cabin 37′ X 20′. 1018 S.F., and prices please.
    Jackie Ordiway. 5 Leroy St. Warren, Pa. 16365

  5. David Blake says:

    could you send me plans for the 20 x 21 sunset cabin
    David Blake 1445 N. Cloverland
    Tucson, AZ. 85712

  6. Sandra Miller says:

    Can you please send info. on the sunset cabin and price for all material and plan. Thank you

  7. sameera says:

    I need meak a home

  8. Kurt says:

    Can u please send me more information for high Sierra cabin including price of plans.
    Thank you

  9. John k says:

    Hi can you please send me more information for high Sierra cabin including price and plans Thanks

  10. Vicky White says:

    PLEASE send me info and plans to build HIGH SIERRA CABIN

  11. Vicky White says:

    Please send price, plans, info to build HIGH SIERRA CABIN. Thank you !

  12. Ronnie Shepherd says:

    send me plans on cabins please

  13. Birdeana Rosenbaum says:

    What do plans cost and estimate of cost to build today and list of materials needed to build

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