This Camper Attachment Adds a Screened-in Porch To Your Trailer Or RV

Going camping is so much fun, but it also has its downsides, such as mosquitoes. There is nothing more upsetting than sitting outdoors and having your chill session interrupted by a bunch of noisy mosquitoes.
If you want to avoid spraying your entire body with all sorts of mosquito-repellent chemicals while camping in your RV, you could invest in this ingenious RV porch attachment. It is called the Carefree Buena Vista Plus Room and you can simply attach it to the side of your camper van to create a large bug-protection screen.
You can purchase the screen in 6 different sizes, designed to suit several types of campers, the smallest screen being 11 feet and the largest one 21 feet. The screen can even be folded and packed so you can transport it easily without taking up a lot of precious storage space.
It is such a useful accessory to have when camping, just simply secure it to the ground using the attached stakes and use the Velcro seal on its side to open and close it.

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