Christmas Eve Cake

Christmas-eve-cake If you want your Christmas to be a bit more special this year, then you should try making a homemade cake. It’s easy and you can start a delicious yearly tradition, which will be mentioned around the block until New Year’s Eve.
The advantage of these types of cakes (Christmas cakes) is that they can be made up to three months in advance. You can use fruits for filling as it will be the perfect relaxing and classic dessert after a juicy Christmas dinner. Imagine every type of festive design; even cover your cakes with a sweet sugared face of Santa Clause. Decorate with some stars, ribbons or reindeers. Or keep it simple and sugar reduced.
Give the easily-made sponge an extra flavor by seasoning a couple of days or even a week before, with liquor or other type of non-alcoholic ingredient, it’s your choice. Step outside the traditional Christmas recipes and make yourself an alternative cake for this holiday: pan forte, chocolate tortes, jelly beans, nuts, there’s no limit to your imagination.
In the following we will show you several recipes that will surely be the delight of family and friends..

1. Snowflake Christmas Cake

snowflake-christmas-cake recipe –> GoodToKnow

2.  Three Trees Christmas Cake


recipe –> GoodToKnow

3. Stars and Sparkle Christmas Tree Cake


recipe –> ThePinkWhisk

4.  Cherries Dipped in White Chocolate


recipe –> Simpleprovisions

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  1. Mimi says:

    as tu vu les beaux gâteaux !!!!!!!!!

  2. Kathleen says:

    I don’t suppose you would have the recipe for the striped cake? Unfortunately, is only know English.

  3. Spencer @ Moo-Lolly-Bar says:

    What a wonderful selection of cakes! They are almost too good to eat.

  4. Ladonna says:

    Where can I get the instructions for the Christmas Eve Cake?

  5. Shellie says:


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