City Is Turning All of Its Bus Stops Into Green Roof Pollinator Gardens for Bees

The daily dose of outstanding green initiatives comes from Leicester this time, where the city council decided to transform all of its bus station roof, into green pollinator gardens for bees.

With the world’s bee population being constantly endangered, cities are trying to find alternative solutions to save the bees, without disrupting their natural habitat.
Now the city of Leicester, UK has a plan to become a green, carbon neutral and biodiverse city within the next 10 years, and the first initiative from this plan in called „Bee Bus Stops”. By adding a living green roof to the city’s bus shelters, the city wants to provide a safeheaven for bees as they will also bee accompanied by solar-powered pollinator gardens.
The pollinator gardens will be comprised of several types of flowers, from wildflowers to Sedum plants to create a favorable environment for the bees. This is such a cretaive initiative which will hopefully be soon replicated by other cities around the country. Leicester has a total of 479 bus shelters around town, and the city council hopes to transform all of them by the end of 2022.


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