Collapsible Camp Washing Station


I love the idea of outdoor kitchen, we have recently presented you a series of such projects. What we have this time is a homemade solution for camping ..  a collapsible camp washing station. It is easy to pack and carry it anywhere you want to spend a few days off the grid. This is not a  tutorial but it has some good ideas that you can expand on. To build one, you can also use creform materials that blends easily..


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Because it folds down and packs into its included 42″ x 26″ x 14″, it’s compact enough to stow virtually anywhere – the campsite, lakeshore or hunting shack.


Find it HERE…

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  1. Donna James says:

    Im interested in reasonably priced camping equipment. PLEASE let me know what all you HAVE. I want to ok know more

  2. Kab says:

    Great. Thanks!

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