Company Is Using Plastic Bottles To Make Roads That Last 10x Longer Than Asphalt

The creation of plastic in 1907 marks an important point in mankind and the history of Earth. It is the year in which we created one of the most durable, but also environmentally harmful materials and we are starting to face the consequences now.
Because of its low manufacturing price, chances are that it will never completely disappear from our markets, but we can still make some steps towards reducing its use and recycling it.

MacRebur’s mission is to help solve the waste plastic epidemic and the poor quality of roads we drive on around the world today.

Since plastic represents a great threat to our planet, a UK-based company called MacRebur, is trying to take measures to recycle it effectively. They have figured out a way in which they reuse plastic to build new and more durable roads and create cheap asphalt. Toby McCartney, the company’s CEO, came up with the idea while working in Southern India and observed people collecting plastic and melting it into pothole fillers.

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The best part of this new technology is that it can reuse almost any kind of plastic and create a new environmentally friendly asphalt.
The plastic used in this process must come from those that are labeled as waste, and once collected it is melted and combined with asphalt concrete formula.
According to McCartney, this new form of asphalt helps builders create roads that are 60% stronger than traditional ones and encourages the development of new eco-friendly technologies.


  • Joanne on said:

    How would the cost compare to processing repairing, labor ? Love the idea, but wonder about the difference comparing to the lousy asphalt we use now?

  • I wonder if over time the plastic doesn’t degrade releasing toxins in the surface water and environment.
    That concerns me a lot.

  • Daniel on said:

    I dont think this is a good idea. Of coarse pavement is always a bad idea.
    The plastic will still off gas and degrade at a high rate in the sun, polluting nearby water supplies. We have to get off of this kick that we think we know best because the more we try, the more we fuck it up.
    There has to be a better way to dispose of plastic and get back to nothing but nature.

  • Susan Pearson on said:

    Why is this product not being used more across the USA. Is it more resistant to potholes in cold temperatures? If so, Massachusetts could certainly use this product on their roads. Please call Gov. Charlie Baker and make a proposal!

  • John Donico on said:

    This is a great idea and I wish you luck. Sad part is trying to overcome the resistance of the Labor Unions who want to repair the highways every year. I had to deal with this problem when we were using Rubber in Asphalt. Unions do not want to see the roads last for any length of time because it puts the workers out of work.

  • steven m alcocer on said:

    Great, as long as people use plastic that is already here, and not new plastic, or it defeats the purpose. Now, when we are gone, what does that leave Mother Nature, when all roads are made of this material?

  • Patrick Leathers on said:

    I like it. Recycle and making roads that last longer, sounds good to me. Could you start in Las Vegas, our roads are horrible here. If it gets any worse I’ll have to trade my car in for a Jeep.

  • G’day all
    I work for a large timber company that are introducing good reduce, reuse, recycle prsctices nationwide. Having sees that this process being trialled in Australis i mentioned the idea to my department manager as the company are doing large concrete/bitumen works. He aske me to get any information available for him. But have been unable to find anything about the original information i seen.
    Would your company be able to get as much iformation to me so i can forward it on to the appropriate managers.
    Cheer Abby

  • Unbelievable what is not to like. Uses plastic which is good for the planet, and as you claim 60% stronger than normal road material. Only short sighted people would say that this is rubbish as long as your claims are true.

  • Patricia W on said:

    That is amazing and wonderful! MacRebur!! Bless you and your company , I hope it happens here in The United States, ThAnk you!

  • Onase Babatunde Joseph on said:

    This is one of the best news I have come across this year.
    I am an advocate of eco- friendly technology as I believe this will go a long way to help me in my career as a civil Engineer.

  • Jeremy on said:

    I think it’s a great idea get rid of waste plastic it could maybe create jobs for people to collect unwanted plastic from our oceans.

  • I’ve seen this before, and think it’s a great idea. I just have a question about if it’s still as safe to drive on as regular asphalt. Basically, everyone knows plastic is slippery and even more so when water is frozen on top. Is this a factor? Not fighting the idea or technology, just a question.

  • Belinda Slabbert on said:

    What is the change of helping me to do this in south africa.. i know nothing and have nothing.. but i want to help south africa to see things for the better… this is a start…

  • Belinda Slabbert on said:

    What is the change of helping me to do this in south amfrica.. i know nothing and have nothing.. but i want to help south africa to see things for the better… this is a start.. +27749457577.

  • MrHotshoe on said:

    Great article. But guys I had to zoom in 125% to be able to read your page. The typeface size on this website is far too small, and arial is a crap font. Also, what is going on with the text alignment of this article? On one part it’s on the left and at the end, it’s in the centre. I also can’t see a date stamp anywhere so I have no idea if this article is 5 days old or 5 years old. I don’t like to give such negative reads, but all these problems are easily fixable and would really improve the user experience.

  • great India have been using for many years , would be great to use on private driveways also lasts so much longer than tarmac, hopefully it would be much cheaper to produce also and pass savings on to taxpayers.

  • Sharondanice on said:

    This is the greatest idea for recycling plastic waste, in the 21st Century. Now let’s collect all the trash in our oceans and start building roads!

  • richard crocker on said:

    I hope they are using this for british roads that are in a disgraceful state.Solve two problems at once clear up plastic litter and make more durable roads.

  • A couple in Wyoming developing solar pavers for roads and sidewalks. They are using recycled plastic as a material to make these pavers!!!

  • Colin Johnson on said:

    why cant australias government use this technology clear our waste plastic problem as well as from our oceans and create roads all over australia, we have a huge continent which we could test on

  • Terry McKellar on said:

    I other countries or road builders are not interested – here is perfect opportunity to donate or sell all of the plastic bottles that go in for recycling – you drop your empties off – the recycle place pays you and they recover the cost of buying from you – even if they get less than they pay you it’s better than nothing – figure out how the shipping and handling from the recycle outlets can be handled by the road builder – lots of things to figure out and if we can keep the government to keep out of it – it just might be a good thing

  • Sean Rice on said:

    What about micro plastics? As the plastic degrades into microscopic pieces and washes away, will it be into farms, streams and oceans?

  • Kathy May on said:

    I just want to tell you that I thought of this idea months ago and kept it secret hoping to patten my idea. I cried when I saw someone already did it.

  • Rick Reichert on said:

    This sounds like a great product, so why isn’t becoming would rewound? There is so much plastic wast companies would have years of free resources, and be cleaning p the planet at the same time. It just doesn’t make sense to me.

  • Steve Woolf on said:

    I am both an elected official and a fulltime city manager in the State of Ohio, US, and want to partner with a company to bring this technology to the United States…who do I contact to begin discussions? I also am a member of a large solid Waste District that oversee recycling programs involving plastics.
    Contact me at phone # 937-416-6001

  • Heather Warren on said:

    I think this is a fantastic idea and I also believe that it should be brought to Canadian Roadways everywhere. It would definitely cut down on garbage and help the environment as well as cut down on damage to automobiles with all of the potholes every spring.

  • Marjorie on said:

    Doesn’t plastic emit cancerous fumes when it gets hot? I think a lot of testing needs to be done to make sure this is safe. Idk how it’s exactly Ecofriendly. Considering how dangerous and cancerous plastic actually is I’m not sure I’d want it baking in the sun all over the roadways. Then ppl breathing it in there could be mass cancer outbreaks the size of epidemics. I’m not sure if that would happen but I hope proper research is done. It’s not good to put things like that on the ground bc it gets into the water supply and everywhere. Does anyone have an answers about whether or not this could happen?

  • Christina on said:

    Brilliant!!! This is exactly the type of free-enterprise thinking and innovation that is needed to solve problems, rather than bureaucratic heavy-handedness which tends toward inefficiency.

  • Gareth Lewis on said:

    So correct me if I’m wrong……… over a protracted period of time through normal traffic usage this road surface will erode into microscopic plastic particles which are still going to be washed into suspension and away by rainwater into gullies and drains, flow into ditches and dykes, proceed down the rivers, into the estuaries and seas where it will settle out and be be deposited as a smothering inorganic silt turning tidal marine mud flats and inshore reefs into barren lifeless areas.

  • Will Lockwood on said:

    This is a very bad idea. Roads wear, steadily. Using plastics this way will put billions of microplastic particles in the air and in streams & rivers as the road surface wears down. It is a terrible idea.

  • Barbara on said:

    Is there an American company doing this? If no, why not? Our recycle option has closed yet we are forced to bring mountains of plastic waste in our homes. The roads is the greatest idea I’ve heard of ever!

  • Cheryl on said:

    I believe this is a wonderful! I believe man made the plastic, now man has to figure out what to do with it. This is a very positive for our world and this gives me hope for the future.

  • Margarette Fleurantin on said:

    You guys are on the right track! Now you need to find a way to employ people in impoverished countries (such as in Haiti) to collect bottles in their street. This will create jobs and help clean their streets. If you like my idea, I am available to brainstorm, plan and implement.

  • Nathaniel on said:

    I literally pitched the idea to a plastics company here in america 4 yrs ago and they laughed at me. thanks alot Polymer Industries. now we both lost millions

  • Michael Smalling on said:

    Very interested in hearing more about your product. Please send any information you have to share. I would like to help your company succeed.

  • Vanessa Ruddy on said:

    This means the roads will not be black, which attracts the sun creating more heat, no black roads lowers immediate temperature by up to 10F within a day, according to an experiment done in Los Angeles. How do the plastic roads fare temperature wise?

  • John on said:

    By adding plastic to asphalt formula the asphalt becomes 60% stronger. Development of eco-friendly technology’s. Yes we could use some of that here in here!

  • apurba lusy on said:

    Good news, i hope people around world will adopt this idea pretty quickly.

    A seriously doubt a part of news which says: “Toby McCartney, the company’s CEO, came up with the idea while working in Southern India and observed people collecting plastic and melting it into pothole fillers.”

    In south India they have been researching on it an using this technique for making roads for many years. How come Mr tony came up with this idea for the first time? he simply learned from there.

  • Michelle on said:

    WOW! This is so exciting! It is great that the plastics can be reused ina very important way! Roads all over the world are in terrible shape! What an amazing discovery! I hope that countries all over the world begin healing our planet by using plastics ti make better and longer lasting roads!!!! Thank you!

  • Jonathan HoGland on said:


  • Anne Ilsley on said:

    Definitely, this needs to be done everywhere!! Heard about it several years ago and also plastic bottles filled with unrecycable plastic that are used to build houses!!!! We MUST be more inventive or we drown in our waste!!

  • Sherrie Phillips on said:

    There’s PLENTY of plastics in our oceans that can be collected and used and help to clean up our oceans and save it’s inhabitants. PLEASE!!!

  • Gen Agustsson on said:

    plastic doesn’t solve the problem completely but to turn plastic into asphalts, thats the great way to burn plastic! its like creating plastic road!

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