You Can Cuddle Some Cute Cows at This Unique Sanctuary in Hawai’i

Krishna Cow Sanctuary in Hawai’i offers a unique and heartwarming experience for animal lovers seeking cuddles with cows. The sanctuary, situated on the Island of Hawai’i, is home to various bovines, including bulls, steers, calves, and retired mother cows. For a fee of $20, visitors can enjoy “cow cuddle therapy” by getting up close and personal with these surprisingly affectionate animals. The sanctuary emphasizes that all proceeds from these interactions directly contribute to the care of the cows. Through networking with local landowners and promoting the benefits of grazing cows, the sanctuary has created an extended herd that grazes on over 130 acres of lush, year-round grass pasture. This innovative approach allows the sanctuary to rescue new cows regularly while maintaining relatively low operational costs.

The videos shared by guests showcase the extraordinary nature of Krishna Cow Sanctuary, going beyond the typical petting zoo experience. Cows at the sanctuary actively engage in full-on embraces, peacefully dozing off in the laps of visitors, and expressing a hint of sadness when parting ways. The cows seem to enjoy scratches and, like beloved house pets, thrive when serving as pillows and offering comforting hugs with their long necks. To further support the sanctuary, the owners sell dairy products, emphasizing their commitment to the health and comfort of the cows. The sanctuary’s ‘Ahimsa’ dairy products are produced without cruelty, with lactating mothers milked only by hand, alongside their nursing calves. The sanctuary maintains a strict policy of never selling or killing any members of their herd, actively rescuing new cows to ensure their well-being.

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