DIY Chocolate Covered Strawberries


Do you know those amazing chocolate fountains at weddings and other special events? It is impossible not to notice them, as almost always there is a queue in front of them and people gather around the fountain to dip in fresh fruits. Buying your own chocolate fountain would be a bit expensive, but you can create the same atmosphere in your home at a birthday party, with a few simple steps. First of all, go and buy some fresh strawberries as it is their season and it would be a pity to miss out on them. After that, purchase some good quality chocolate and melt it. Now all you need are some wood sticks and nice plate to arrange everything. Set up a table with desserts, place the melted chocolate in a heat resistant bowl near the fresh strawberries and invite your guests to taste one of the best things ever. They will simply insert the sticks into the fruits and dip them into the delicious chocolate. The chocolate covered strawberries will be a huge success!

strawberry-candies-recipeSOURCE: DIY Strawberry Candies

Chocolate-Covered-Strawberries-1SOURCE: Gourmet Dipped Strawberries

Chocolate-Covered-Strawberries-8SOURCE: Dreamy Dark Chocolate Covered Strawberries







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