DIY Christmas Tree Snowman


Combining some Christmas winter activities doubles the fun and makes the whole experience a lot more memorable. Try to mix decorating a Christmas tree with making a snowman. `How` you ask? Simple and creative, after reading this few steps, you will make your holiday a bit unique. Here are the materials needed:

• white artificial Christmas tree;
• a huge matte white 12-inch Christmas ball;
• a marker;
• a couple of 30 inches silver glittered sprays;
• 3 black glitter Christmas ornaments;

Start with drawing eyes, nose and a mouth on the white 12-inch ball, and then set up the tree and place it on top. Like in an ordinary snowman, make his `coat` buttons out of the 3 black ornaments. Align them with the `face` and simply place them in a nice row downward. Next, add the couple of branch sprays where the snowman’s arms should be, about halfway up the tree. You should stuck them in the tree deep enough to remain in position and also point outward. In order to finish your one-of-a-kind project, decorate with some creativity. Watch the picture and feel fry to copy the design. An elegant hat, a cute scarf, some black boots, and a shovel will make the Christmas Tree Snowman look more natural. Top up with some lights and … it’s alive! Careful not to overcrowd the tree and your entire year will have a wonderful piece of winter theme decoration in the living room.

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  1. Sheila says:

    I think this is a wonderful idea and I plan on doing this next Christmas, but by looking at the picture I don’t see where the 12in white ball comes into play. It looks to me as though the face is made from small black balls and something for the nose.

  2. janice says:

    I too thought the same but I think they might have given another example of how you could do it

  3. Debbie says:

    I think the ball is set on top under the top branches to make it into a head.

  4. janice says:

    The balls I believe might be for the snowballs in the container that’s under the tree….

    • janice says:

      Nope, was thinking it was the small balls under the tree. sorry didn’t see it said the 12inch. I would guess under top hat maybe

  5. emma says:

    where can u get the snow thing for under the tree been in a few shops and brought like snow blankets but u cant pull it to make the effect under the tree

  6. ali says:

    Sat doing mine now!!!

  7. Jessica says:

    You can squish the tree top down and use the ball for the head, but I didn’t go that route. These are the things I purchased to use for my snowman tree…
    ▫Three medium-large size white foam ornaments (48 cents each @ Walmart), spray painted black to use for the mid-bottom of the tree (the coat buttons)
    ▫Small pack of mini ornaments ($4 @ Dollar General) to use for the eyes and mouth (they came silver but I spray painted black)
    ▫Vintage hat ($8) and red scarf ($6), both purchased at a thrift store
    ▫An oil funnel used to put fluids in your car ($1 @ Dollar General) wrapped with orange duct tape ($3 @ Walmart) to use for the nose
    ▫Candy cane print ribbon ($1 @ Dollar General) to wrap around the hat
    ▫Branches I “borrowed” from the neighbor’s yard to use for the arms
    ▫The white snow looking stuff you use on mantles or tables under the tree
    ▫I went back and purchased some additional white foam ornaments to lay on the floor to look like snowballs.

    I haven’t gotten it all put together yet but I will have done by the afternoon. If anyone would like to see my tree, feel free to check my Facebook page @ I will be sure to make the picture public when I do post in a couple of hours! Happy Thanksgiving and Merry Christmas!!

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