DIY Concrete Cobblestone Path


Making your yard look great doesn’t entail you wasting a load of money on decorations. Improving the design can be very easy if you think creatively. Let’s say you have a path from the front gate to the back of your yard, where you might have a working stone grill. You have two options on how to decorate this path; you can either put down slabs of natural stones, which will cost you some money but will make the yard look good. Or you could pour concrete and risk not to emulate any personality with this design. Before you make a decision, see what the concrete option can do with a little bit of creativity. The Cobblestone Template will help you create an impressive path that mimics a natural stone decor. Actually, you just have to pour concrete into the template, level it, remove and reuse it for another set of cobblestone. You could add liquid cement color to the mixture in order to make the final result look more like stones rather than concrete. Also, if you do have some stones in your yard, make the colors look somewhat similar. Leave the cement to harden and voila! The improved design is so great!  Made by

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