DIY Easy Christmas Tree


The most beautiful time of the year is approaching fast. If the decorations in the stores will not meet your expectations this year you should try and make your own decorations. Below you’ll find a nice Christmas decoration, which will make you even more excited about this great holiday. It is a tutorial to help you make a Christmas tree for your table or fireplace out of decorative nets and Christmas lights. For this you’ll need:

* roll of decorative mesh for flower;
* glue;
* a pair of scissors;
* brush;
* decorative elements;
* a paper cone;
* aluminum foil;

The first step is to make a paper cone holder; this will be the final structure of your tree. Cut long strips of the decorative mesh for flowers. Put them in glue diluted with water and after that wrap them in several directions on the paper cone that was wrapped in tinfoil. After you apply a strip of mesh let it dry before you put another one (you can use a hair dryer to fix the strips). Finally the application of a glue layer brush. Apply another layer of glue with the help of a brush. When all is done and dry, remove the paper cone and hung inside a short strip of Christmas lights. You can decorate the outside of the tree as you wish, but don’t forget to have fun during the process.






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  1. kinetixratoon says:

    wow… I should try this 😀

  2. alka says:

    Very beautiful. Your works are very unique

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