DIY Easy Felt Coaster


We are going to show you today how to make some cute and easy coasters made out of felt. What you’ll need for this project: felt (at least 3 different colors), a pin, craft glue, pen, scissors, a ruler and a cutter. We will start the project by cutting the felt. Take the ruler and start measuring 2cm pieces of felt and mark the sections with a pen. Then keep the ruler in place, take your cutter and start cutting the felt where your marked lines are. You will get pieces of felt just like in the picture. If you feel a cutter is not a good option, you can also use a pair of scissors. Take three different colors of felt (the ones you have already cut) and pin them together at one end, as it is shown in the picture. This way you will be sure that they will stick together when rolling them. Start rolling the felt, until you get a nice rounded shape. Glue the ends of the felt to the sides of the shape and repeat this process until you get enough rounds to form a coaster. Cut out another piece of felt, which will serve as the base of your coaster and glue the rounded shapes on it. Now all you have to do is preparing yourself a flavoured cup of tea and start using your new DIY felt coaster.


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