DIY Memories Stored in Sand


The time when photographs and drawings were used as mementos for a particular moment or events are becoming more and more kitsch and not artistic at all. Now, people tend to resort to electronic solutions, be it photos or videos. But there’s a creative way you can beat the test of time. Sand Impressions works of art can be done by entirely everybody at home. Here are the instructions for completing such an impressive DIY project.

• a plastic tablecloth;
• a photo frame;
• colored gravel/regular sand;
• some glass beads;
• a 1 kg bag of craft plaster;
• a piece of cardboard;
• spray on sealer;
• water;

Firstly, place the tablecloth over the working area and start working on the frame.  All instructions step-by-step are ready for you in the link below…


PagingFunMums – DIY Sand Imprints

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