DIY Painted Galaxy T-Shirt


T-shirts are one of the must-have items for every season, as they can be matched with anything no matter the weather outside. If you have a large collection of unique T-shirts, then this next one is a must-have: a painted galaxy T-shirt. The technique is very simple and your beautiful galaxy T-shirt will be ready in less than 1 hour. All you need is a plain black T-shirt, fabric paint of your choice, sponge brush, an old toothbrush, plastic plate and a piece of cardboard. To make the T-shirt you will be using the swirling technique and then you will make the finishing touches and the small stars with the help of the paintbrush. But the sponge brush is the really essential piece, as it will help you recreate the beauty of the night sky and the universe on your shirt. Check out the following link for the instructions and wear the universe on yourself as soon as possible.





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