DIY Pallet Sofa


You probably already know how great pallets are. The fact that you can create any piece of furniture out of them is awesome and it will look good in any type of home. Though using pallets to create furniture, especially sofas would be suitable for larger areas as these can take up some space, you can easily adept the design for smaller interiors too. Building a comfortable sofa out of pallets at home is very easy, all you need is a bit of extra time and a small amount of money to invest. The supplies you need for the project are:

• 6 wood pallets;
• Sandpaper
• paint
• paint brushes;
• flat brackets and screws
• foam mattresses and pillows;

Start by sanding the surface of each pallet. You can do this either by using the sandpaper (this will take up some time) or an electric sander, as it will be much more easier with the second one. After that paint the pallets, any color you want and let them dry. Take the measurements of each pallet and then cut the foam according to these. Cover the seats and the cushions for the back with the fabric of your choice. Secure the pallets using screws and flat brackets screwed onto the bottom pallet and the back of the one from the top. Put the cushions on the pallets and your comfy sofa is done. If you are not that good at sewing, you can always choose to buy the cushions and pillows from a store.


Step by step tutorial on  Funky Junk Interiors

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