DIY Plastic Spoon Snowman


Are you ready for Christmas? Not in terms of holiday spirit or even gifts for your loved ones, but in terms of decorating. The ambiance you set within your home is important to the whole festive feeling. A regular wrath on your door might not be enough, but at the same time you don’t want to invest much in just a couple of weeks (a month at the most) of decorations. That’s why we suggest you this simple and cute tutorial. Making DIY plastic spoon snowmen is a fun project that you could do with your kids side by side. The actual work looks more like coloring or painting, so the little ones will love helping you out. Follow the steps required to achieve such a nice result, use the photos as guidelines and in under an hour you could have a few snowmen to decorate your home with. Fun is included!


DIY Plastic Spoon Snowman – Crafts by Amanda

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