DIY Pringles Vintage Box


If you see it for the first time, you wouldn’t guess this nice looking vintage box is made out of a Pringles can! You can also do this DIY project and impress all of your friends with your awesome skills. Use the box for keeping your glasses or jewelry safe. To achieve this, you will need:

• a large can of Pringles;
• a thick piece of cardboard;
• some colored paper;
• a pair of scissors;
• a cutter;
• some beads;
• a marker;
• a bit of lace;
• some glue;
• a needle and thread;
• a decorative button;
• a nice piece of elastic;

First, remove the top ring from the can. Now, depending on how long you want your box to be, cut the excess from the bottom side away. Take the resulting tube, and with the help of a cutter fashion a horizontal opening into it. Remember to leave the top intact, meaning it needs to remain one piece, half a tube if you will.

Now, make a couple of cardboard circles with the piece of the bottom that you’ve cut earlier. Cover them in colored paper or paint them, it’s your choice. Also, make sure your can is also covered with some pattern or colored paper. After you’ve done with this step, stick the circles with some glue onto the sides of the half-tube. This part is tricky, because you will have to keep the Pringles open!

Next, glue the beads on the bottom side, to act like legs. The final step is to fashion a small hole on the upper side for inserting the ends of the elastic. Complete the opening device by needle and thread a fancy decorative button to the bottom side. Decorate the opening with the piece of lace. Give the rest of the can (now box) a vintage look.















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